How to Persuade your Senior Partner that SEO is Important for a Law Firm

In the eyes of many lawyers, getting new clients through online marketing is not worth the time, effort and money. If you are a lawyer who knows the importance of webmarketing and would like to attract more clients online, then this article will help you persuade the senior partner, or marketing department, to invest in SEO.

The difference between owning a Website and an SEO budget

Educating the senior partner about the language of online marketing is the first part of marketing him or her on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is just one side of Search Engine Marketing or SEM which is the process of targeting search engine users who type in specific keywords to locate websites.

In today’s competitive market, simply having a website doesn’t guarantee any increase in revenue for law practice. One of the common saying from senior partners who think that SEO is automatically associated in their website is “We have a Website, why do we need SEO”?

SEO refers to the process of adding targeted keywords and HTML into the pages of your website that allows search engines easily read and publish your website in its search engine results pages.

One your senior partners understand what SEO is, they will appreciate what SEO can do.

Tell the senior partner how SEO functions to market your websites

Today, the search engines serve as people’s phone book. It is what people use to find lawyers. When explaining SEO to the senior partner, it’s good to employ an example to explain how SEO works. Like for example, use SEO to your practice area. Let’s say “personal injury lawyer”.

You have to explain how SEO is used to target web users who type the words “personal injury lawyer” into a search engine. When the results are displayed, good SEO makes sure that the law firm will appear in the first page of search results.

Beware of SEO services that promises and guarantees that a website can be ranked number one in search engine is just a couple of days. Because search engine are always changing the way they rank their results, there’s no guarantee that a firm will be number one in the result pages for “personal injury lawyer”.

SEO is very essential to compete with other website in your niche. The web is a great equalizer; it allows solo marketers with SEO to compete with large law firms for cases when users type in particle search terms into Google or Yahoo. For instance, a large law firm without SEO may not appear at all when a user types in personal injury lawyer, even if they have a good website.

Now that you have explain to your senior partner what SEO is and how does it works, do a live search to see SEO in action. Have your senior partner in front of the computer and let him type in different search terms. When the results pages showed, you have to explain that SEO is the main reason why sites appear in the order they displayed.

How SEO Consultants Can Help in Building a Successful Law Website

In the context of market for online marketing and promotion service, search engine optimization companies occupy the biggest market share in the web-industry.Today, a lawyer need not wait for a year to see their website increasing its rank in Google or Yahoo search results. Even with advanced features like local searches, geo-targeting, business results, profile promotion, social media marketing, Google sponsored ads, etc. SEO has just become the right and effective website advertisement tool.

SEO companies dealing with high-end jobs:

SEO service providers or Search Engine Marketing businesses are assigned the SEO project for 6 months to 1year or more. By the time project completes, the website start getting more and more visitors/ clients and in turn creates high sales and leads consistently.

Of course, a website can’t be in the first page of Google in search engine results for long time, unless the prescribed SEO task is sustained afterward. Means, SEO is the technique that is full of scientific wonders and secrets. One must improve these at least at the basic level.

Even lawyers who have absolute interest to know about the SEO procedure in layman’s language can give this article a try.

SEO process for a law website: Know the basic:

The term “SEO for lawyer ” is very popular today, as most of the experienced as well as unskillful lawyers are outsourcing their website marketing job to SEO experts.It starts with searching for the most relevant and high searchable targeted keywords/ key phrase/ search queries for your website. This is to create potential traffic based on your service specific search terms. To make it simpler, SEO is of two categories- Organic SEO – including of On-page, Off-page optimization and Inorganic SEO, for example, sponsored ads in Google, Yahoo etc. (paid advertising)

Here both the methods are described in detailed:

On-page SEO:

Correcting website designing and fixing page content problems so as to help easy crawling and indexing by search engine like Google crawlers or search engine bots. This includes content optimization, alteration of Meta tags (Meta title, keywords, description, H1 tags) of the web-pages, resolving canonical issues, creating Robots.txt file, generating XML sitemap, error page creation, creating account in Google webmaster tool and site submission, site verification, updating and complete maintenance.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO has generally two major processes: 1. gathering inbound text links through link exchange, and 2. Contextual link building.

Building text links means getting votes or recommendation from other competitive legal websites. For generating contextual links, the following processes are included as follows: Article and blog post writing, syndicating and posting content in different popular article directories and blogs; press release submission, blog commenting and etc.

All these off-page SEO methods are used in such a way so that major search engines like Google and Yahoo can ascertain your website authoritative, information-driven and useful to legal clients.

Of course, a good Lawyer SEO company can also help your website in popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and many other social bookmarking websites.

Why Having a Website for your Law Firm is Important

Law Firm SEO

Every law firm has the need to drive new clients and keep the old ones. Lawyers and law firms use internet marketing to do this. It can be done employing more traditional methods like commercial, yellow page ad, advertisement, and billboard and etc. But, more legal practices are using marketing techniques that fit in with the technology available in the 21st century.

A website gives a professional image to your company. A number of people are using the internet to search and contact local business for the services they want. Your first impression to a mainstream of your new customers will be your website. This is why your professionally designed website for your law firm is important.

A website helps you finds new customers. If you haven’t heard the term Search Engine Optimization or SEO before – essentially this talks about optimizing your website to have better rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages especially on Google. Since more and more people are finding businesses through online search, improving your website or search engine marketing has turned into the new yellow page ad.



A website gives your law firm a “home” on the internet. We are hearing the term “social networking” and if you aren’t familiar with it – social networking is using sites like Facebook and Twitter to interact with your current and future clients. Almost every social networking site allows you to post a link to your website. This is how you get people to be familiar about your law firm. They can get to know more about you from your social networking page since that isn’t really the place to make a sales pitch. The idea is to get them click on the link to your website that is listed on your social networking page so that they can learn more about you and your business. You can even interact with clients on your law firm’s website by adding a blog.

A website is a technique to spread out your business card. But, as long as you have a website you can point people back to you will be able to give them all the information that need about what you and your business can provide for them.

Though you may think that a website is not necessary for your law firm right now, have you realized what it could do for your law firm? One of the best things about marketing using a websites is that it is quicker and easier to get date about your marketing efforts then more traditional ways, this means you can try using a website to promote and market your law firm, measure how well it worked, and then decide if it’s something you want to keep doing for a comparatively low cost. Even thoughdealingwith your legal practices online can be identifiedas a daunting task, there’s an assurance that there are plenty of people around that are want to help and the reward is definitely worth the hard work.

Use SEO Methods to Increase Ranking for Your Law Firm’s Website

Law Firm SEO Methods

Congratulations if you have set up your law firm’s new website! Now, are you ready for the next big step? A sure way of having a successful website is by being ranked on search engines like Google. This can be a discouraging task and you may even experience poor results. If this is the case, then the tips and tricks shared on this article will help you or your chose SEO service that specializes in law firm, grow your business.

Many assume that search engine optimization can be a discouraging task, when in fact there are easy and effective steps that you can use to boost your website health and success. Submitting your website link to all of the major search engines is one of them. This is a simple process and the simple step can step can be found on the search engine’s actual website. Overlooking the important spelling and grammar of a website is one common mistake by almost website owners. When search engines detectplenty of these errors on the website, they think that it’s actually computer generated website and this may lead to spam. Moreover, don’t forget to monitor the speed of your website, guaranteeing that it loads at satisfactory rate, and make sure that it doesn’t contain any Javascript or server errors. Why? Because, no users like revisiting unproductive websites whether it’s because of the loading speed or constant errors.

Keywords are one of the most essential features of search engine optimization. It is important to use targeted keywords but never over stuff it. Using the keyword just several times should do the trick. Another effective tip that proves very successful is adding common variations of the keywords, even if that may include a couple of commonly misspelled words. This technique will help get more website visitors, but, use it carefully, as too many of these mistakes will trigger search engines to deduct points from your website’s reliability and they will assume it’s a spam website.

Remember that the internet is a universally accessible tool, which means that your website would probably succeed even more if it was accessible in several different languages. Web business can surge from anywhere, which is why interpreting your website can be an effective approach in the extension of your law firm. Mainly, you should translate it into languages that common visitors speak, including the languages often spoken in your zone. To know that chosen language of your visitors, you must check the server logs of your website, which point the location and type of computer used to log on to the website. Having a website accessible to an extensive clientele will ultimately produce more business.

Last of all, but perhaps the most important, you MUST keep the content fresh and informative. Be sure that the location of your law firm is clearly specified throughout the site. It would be quite unproductive to attract visitors to your firm’s website from a city halfway around the world. In addition, define your law firm’s kind of practice to assure that your visitors find what they have been looking for.

SEO Marketing for Local Visibility and New Clients of Law Frims

Local Law Firm SEO

SEO marketing offer law firms with keyword optimized websites which attract a massive numbers of traffic and possible buying clients through Google and Yahoo searches. Provide your community with mindfulness of the services which you give Attorney search engine optimization.

Lawyers and law firm use SEO marketing to provide them with important marketing that targets Google searches relating to their specialties. This tactical marketing service is employed to achieve new clients as they use Google or Yahoo to search for a service which is provided by their capability. Everyday lots of potential clients search for an experienced lawyer through popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. SEO marketing provides lawyers with a tactically keyword optimized website that uses the strength of the Internet to grow and expand their law practice. This is a legal marketing technique in the modern society. Web searches for local businesses are usually performed every day through a selection of Internet connected devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. This is a crucial way to establish your law practice

Having your law practice properly marketed online is a legal way to increase your clientele list within a short period of time. SEO marketing for law firms provides development and growth for business that able to go up in Google listings so that their law practice is on the first page of Google. SEO experts will offer the law practice with research based keywords that will most successfully market their website and eventually their practice.Go out of obscurity from amongst a horde of law practices and move ahead of the competition through the tactical marketing provided through the Internet which will give your website with daily quality traffic that will lead in a higher rate of sales and conversions. Your law practice can experience an extensive growth and noteworthy community consciousness through building the strength of your website through keywords that are directly linked to your website. A web marketing expert will help you in choosing the right keywords that will generate high quality traffic. This will give you community with an awareness of the SEO services which your practice offers

There is a straight connection between the growth of a law practice and SEO optimization. Law firm SEO marketing results to additional massive web traffic to your website and additional traffic to your law practice.Properly marketing your website will result increased web visibility and established online reputation. More than 80% of clients search online before choosing and contacting a local law practice.A properly optimized website will increase page ranking and will remove scattered marketing that is often unimportant in producing an extensive amount of new clientele. SEO marketing creates a new sense of community awareness and will help you in building a web presence. This type of marketing is inexpensive and effective. Mailings and flyers are generally irrelevant in providing a large number of new clients. Word-of-mouth is very beneficial and is hand-in-hand with the advantages provided through vital online marketing. This is a really effective and reasonably priced means of advertisement for small and medium-sized law firms.

Law Firm SEO Marketing

Law Firm SEO Marketing

The internet is the most influential, strongest, most targeted marketingmethod ever created. The purpose is that people are resorting to “inbound marketing” – which means that they dynamically seek out products and services and research them online rather than depend on older “outbound marketing” messages to persuade them. Therefore, “inbound marketing” has great potential and application for law firms and law practices wanting to get the massive attention of prospective clients online.

As more and more attorneys and law firms are turning to this medium, it is time to ask yourself what your law practice is doing to market itself online.The good thing about online marketing is that startup costs are cheap and the learning curve can easily be understood. Keep in mind, using search engine marketing is possible within a very short amount of time to accomplish practically full coverage for your targeted niches.

Like for example, if you are trying to get max visibility for the phrase “Atlanta injury lawyer” on Google and other search engines, you will need to assess how well your current website is optimized for this phrase. Visit Google and Yahoo for the targeted keyword. Is your website visible in the top 100 results for any of these search engines? If this keyword is important to your business and you’re not turning up in the top 100, chances are you have yet to try any on-site optimization of your web assets.

Easy fixes like title tags, meta data, and internal link anchor text can help increase your website   rankings. Are they all optimized for your targeted keywords? If the easy fixes fail to help you may need the help of a search engine optimization professional. They will be able to determine about additional minor changes you can make to your website that will help your website increase its ranking and establish goo name online.

Moreover, you will need to actively start creating links for your website. Links are the “fuel” that helps improvessearch engine rankings – at the most naive level, the more links you have from authoritative websites the higher your site positioned in major search engines especially in Google.

As on-page changes are familiarized and links are created, your website will start rising in the search engine results reaping more and more traffic along the way.

Another main aspect of any law firms SEO marketing technique should be to buy pay per click (PPC) advertising from one of the major providers. Now, these providers are Google and Yahoo. Like for example, Google displays PPC ads under the “Sponsored Links” headline along the right hand margin of the search results for any given search. Using the Google AdWords program, marketers are bale to bid for placement on a keyword by keyword basis amongst these sponsored links. Each time a browser clicks through to one of these links the advertiser pays for the click based mainly upon the amount of their bid. The Google program gives any advertiser absolute control over daily budget and in which geographic region the ad will be showed in. Thus, your law firm will have total control over the cost and scope of the PPC campaign.

Evidently, law firms, solo practice attorneys and other law practices can realize maximum exposure using SEO and PPC. If used correctly, these two techniques will start to drive a solid stream of potential buying client leads to your website.

Effective Law Firm SEO Strategies

Law Firm SEO

We received and heard a lot of question from many legal professional about what they have to do to increase their web visibility in the major search engines especially Google. The real truth is, there are lots of techniques that can be used to grow your law firm’s online reputation and recognition. But, not all of these methods and strategies are worth their potential dangers.

However, not all of these methods and strategies are worth their potential risks. Here is a complete summary of how to go about getting started with a law firm SEO campaign.

The first thing that you needs is a palace to drive and attract search engine users. Perhaps, you have a well-established law firm website. Maybe you are using a legal blog. No matter which course you go, you need a “base of operations” to which to generate and drive traffic and get possible buying clients.

You must create a blog. From a monetary investment angle, performing a legal blog can be cheap and almost free. On the other hand, effective blogging needs an investment of time. But, when it comes to usefulness and effectiveness, time spent on blogging is some of the best marketing time in which a legal professional can capitalize.

Once you have a place to attract visitors, the next step is building the authority of that location.


Having a high quality content strategy is another important component of a successful law firm SEO campaign. Content is like fuel for the major search engines. If your law firm website or blog lacks uniqueness, quality, and freshness, you will be unlikely to have success in search engines. In general, the more good content the better. But, you don’t just add content for content’s sake. You must aim to add 2-3 new pieces of content to your website or blog per week.

On-Page Optimization

The next step in implementing a law firm SEO campaign is the on-page optimization. You must use your best keywords with less competition for your website or blog. Here are the most crucial places to add your targeted keywords:

Title tags
Heading tags
Internal link anchor text
Regular text
Image alt attributes

You must limit the number of keywords you target on a particular page to 3 or less. Also, don’t try to over stuff your page or content with your keywords. Write naturally and be mindful to add your target keywords where it’s appropriate

Off-Page Optimization

This is where “the magic happens”. It’s good to know how search engines organize the web. In short, search engines make a “copy” of the entire Internet in their index. They determine what they think each website is about, and then order them based on an exact formula for a particular search phrase. Search engines use lots of signals to do this ordering. One of the strongest signals is the number of inbound links that a certain web page has. Inbound links are the links that point TO a website (as opposite to outbound links which point away from a website). In other words, inbound links are votes of trust for a specific website though, not all trust votes are built equally.

Off-page optimization includes all of the methods that webmasters can employ to influence the number of inbound links that a website has pointing to it. This is the real basis of law firm SEO.