3 Ways Your Law Firm Can Benefit From SEO

Law Firm SEO Benefits

Not long ago, law firm marketing was a quite simple matter: buy a Yellow Pages listing, promote a reliable referral network and if your budget was healthy enough, get a TV or newspaper ad. The advantage and drawback is that the internet has completely changed the equation. Good, in that you have an effective new marketing resource at your disposal. The downside, it’s easy for even the most experienced lawyer websites to get lost in the web’s information-saturated environment. Want more possible clients to find you? You have to grow and expand your law firm’s web presence. Given the array of choices, however, it’s easy to get stunned and wonder if you’re making the right selection. With that in mind, the following are the three ways to help potential clients find you on the web.

  1. Create content

Building a high quality and fresh content on your website such as in the form of blog posts, articles, videos are one of the most effective ways to improve your web presence. By doing so, you will attract readers and visitors and persuade other sites to link to yours which will help increase your search engine rankings.On a related note, search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of increasing website ranking and get conversions. While you can take steps on your own to improve SEO results, doing so can be a complicated and very challenging task. You must check out Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals for more information on it.

  1. Get social

The latest American Bar Association study discovered that 37 percent of law firms employLinkedIn, 7% use Twitter and 19% are on Facebook.It’s not difficult to see why. The online audience is gigantic – the Pew Research Center reports that 66 percent of online adults use some form of social media. And the social media platforms can providehuge benefits. Blogging and Twitter feeds for example, can help you turn yourself into a subject matter expert. Social media websites such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn allow you to handle your reputation, create networking opportunities and improve search engine rankings.

  1. Get listed

Are you familiar with web-basedadvertising? There are various options such as   Facebook ads, banner ads, pay-per-click programs, online referral systems and more. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Online legal directories provide one of the more consistent options. These naturally list attorneys by locality and practice area, permitting consumers to zero in on the type of legal help available in their locales. The main advantage is that the people who use directories are prequalified leads they are looking for help with a present legal need. A lot of directories offer free listings, along with a variety of premium options. You can, for instance, get your law firm placed at the top of a certain practice area group, pay for an advertisement that shows in tactically designated locations or even buy a profile that features your law firm’s unique skill. Some legal directories also boost their listings with content such as quality articles and blog posts, which provides additional reasons for people to visit and return to the websites again and again.