How SEO Marketing Works for Your Law Firm: The Basics

Boost your law firm SEO

You’ve definitely heard the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, before, and if you’re on this site you clearly know or suspect it can have a benefit for your law firm. But what exactly does SEO mean? How does it work?

Curiosity about Search Engine Optimization for lawyers and law firms is an important first step toward understanding how to better market yourself to potential clients effectively without the high expense and legal red tape that come along with advertising on television or radio or in print media.

Although the process is much too complicated and nuanced for us to explain in a single blog post (and we don’t want to give away all our trade secrets!), we want to help you learn how SEO for law firms works and how it can benefit your company.

What does “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) really mean for lawyers?

We’ll start with the most basic part: what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization for law firms is the process by which a law firm’s website is given better chances to appear near the top of the first page of results from search engines like Google and Bing.

Each search engine uses a different algorithm to match websites with searches, and those algorithms are kept secret. However, SEO experts study search terms and results extensively on behalf of their clients, learning the various factors that can bring a given website to the top.

Factors SEO professionals take into consideration:

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of factors that determine whether a given site matches with a given search. Some of these include keywords (the words typed into the search box), location, and more complex items like meta-descriptions.

SEO professionals working for lawyers and law firms take all these factors into account, and help clients edit and add content and information about their site to give it a much better chance of appearing higher on the first page for relevant searches.

We do this in the background, working our magic behind the scenes so lawyers like you can focus on what you do best—the research, preparation, and litigation that make up your everyday working lives. Over time, the small changes we make will put your firm’s website and/or social media presence in front of more people in your area or interested in your type of law firm—which means you get more customers.

How our approach differs from other SEO marketers for lawyers:

There are other services out there offering SEO marketing for law firms or for companies with an online presence in general. Many out there, though, think that SEO marketing is an easy market to break into, but they are failing to take into consideration every single one of the complex factors that bring a website to the top of Google’s first page—or leave it languishing around page 10.

We take a wide approach, working hard on all elements of your website and helping you develop a varied and professional web presence to attract a variety of customers from several different sources. We also focus a great deal on local SEO—which is doubly important for law firms, as most business is going to come to lawyers from fairly close by.