How to Boost Your Lawyer Site’s SEO Clout with Mobile Friendly Backlinks

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A perfect example of the kind of boring, computer-focused link that won’t help your site’s SEO.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog then you know we’ve recently posted on the importance of mobile friendliness and explained how backlinks boost your site’s SEO – so it only makes sense that when the two are combined, a huge SEO boost comes out of it.

If you haven’t read about mobile friendliness and backlinks in general yet, please do that first – this article is about an advanced SEO tip that will send your law firm SEO through the roof, but to do it, you’ll need to have a firm grasp of the basic concepts first.

Now that you understand the basics, let’s march ahead.

The big thing lawyers need to know about SEO is this: backlinks from mobile friendly sites have the biggest impact on your SEO – bigger than keywords, bigger than links from other sites, and definitely bigger than internal links. There are a lot of factors that determine a site’s SEO, but backlinks from mobile friendly sites are the biggest one.

What that means for you is simple: to boost your SERP ranking, you’ll have to aggressively pursue links from mobile friendly sites – especially mobile friendly sites that are also very popular and seen as legitimate by Google’s spiders and the general public.

Why does this work? Because Google prioritizes backlinks to your site based on the sites they come from – anyone can get backlinks from sketchy, pay-for-a-link type doorway pages, but if you have backlinks from sites like Wikipedia or the web versions of major news outlets, then your site is something Google thinks its viewers will likely want to find in searches.

While that may mean a lot of work for you in the beginning of 2017, there is some good news too – links from your social media accounts and external properties related to your site are very good for your main site’s SEO because essentially all of these sites are hugely popular and are at the forefront of mobile development.

Making sure your SEO is proficient in those areas is a great place to start a new mobile friendly link building campaign to boost your law firm’s SEO – and once you’ve ensured that all external properties are up to date and registered in your firm’s name, you can move on to trying to get the big links.

There’s another piece of good news for your firm here as well: because mobile devices are trending to continue growing in both processing power and popularity, this mobile friendly backlink building strategy is likely to be a good long-term investment that will continue giving you a ROI for years to come.

If you’re ready to undertake this endeavor and boost your law firm site’s SEO, head over to Google and check out their steps to a Google-friendly site – try to implement a few of these while you’re chasing big name, mobile friendly backlinks to give your site an even bigger boost in the SERPs.