How to Persuade your Senior Partner that SEO is Important for a Law Firm

In the eyes of many lawyers, getting new clients through online marketing is not worth the time, effort and money. If you are a lawyer who knows the importance of webmarketing and would like to attract more clients online, then this article will help you persuade the senior partner, or marketing department, to invest in SEO.

The difference between owning a Website and an SEO budget

Educating the senior partner about the language of online marketing is the first part of marketing him or her on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is just one side of Search Engine Marketing or SEM which is the process of targeting search engine users who type in specific keywords to locate websites.

In today’s competitive market, simply having a website doesn’t guarantee any increase in revenue for law practice. One of the common saying from senior partners who think that SEO is automatically associated in their website is “We have a Website, why do we need SEO”?

SEO refers to the process of adding targeted keywords and HTML into the pages of your website that allows search engines easily read and publish your website in its search engine results pages.

One your senior partners understand what SEO is, they will appreciate what SEO can do.

Tell the senior partner how SEO functions to market your websites

Today, the search engines serve as people’s phone book. It is what people use to find lawyers. When explaining SEO to the senior partner, it’s good to employ an example to explain how SEO works. Like for example, use SEO to your practice area. Let’s say “personal injury lawyer”.

You have to explain how SEO is used to target web users who type the words “personal injury lawyer” into a search engine. When the results are displayed, good SEO makes sure that the law firm will appear in the first page of search results.

Beware of SEO services that promises and guarantees that a website can be ranked number one in search engine is just a couple of days. Because search engine are always changing the way they rank their results, there’s no guarantee that a firm will be number one in the result pages for “personal injury lawyer”.

SEO is very essential to compete with other website in your niche. The web is a great equalizer; it allows solo marketers with SEO to compete with large law firms for cases when users type in particle search terms into Google or Yahoo. For instance, a large law firm without SEO may not appear at all when a user types in personal injury lawyer, even if they have a good website.

Now that you have explain to your senior partner what SEO is and how does it works, do a live search to see SEO in action. Have your senior partner in front of the computer and let him type in different search terms. When the results pages showed, you have to explain that SEO is the main reason why sites appear in the order they displayed.