How to Use Facebook to Build and Grow Your Law Practice


The secret to success in social media sites in your legal practice is knowing how to used it in the right way.

Let us take a look first at the difference between “social media” and “social networking”. Social media is content that is means to be distributed and shared. It can come from blogs, articles, video and etc. On the other hand, social networking is the real online communication with others.

The Big 3: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all hybrids because these social media tools share content and facilitate correspondence.

One of the best advantages of social media is you can literally join from anywhere, as long as you have your laptop or smartphone. The idea behind social media marketing is to establish branding of your business and keep your messages in front of your target audience so they’ll contact you.

There are some practical Do’s for social media:

You must DO make connections with people that it makes sense to connect with. DO look for users who have same interests. Do respond to personal messages that people send. DO understand how to utilize the social media. DO say interesting, informal things. DO ask questions when you need an answer. DO reply kindly when you have an answer. DO think before you publish something. DO correct any mistakes in a quick manner. DO have a friendly, natural, authentic voice. DO acknowledge or send well wishes to others. DO make it easy for people to reach you. DO order all the terms and conditions of the social media site.

Keep in mind, the networking method ideal is to be noticeable, and visibility needs regular and consistent participation. If the idea of social media seems overpowering, remember: it’s not about the technology, it’s all about communication. At present, 93% of Americans believe that businesses must have anonline presence. If you aren’t utilizing any social media, is it possible you could be left behind?

If you are ready to make a start, or have been dabbling here and there, the following are the 3 important ways to become known in social networking:

  1. Listen to what others have to say. In social media, listening is similar to “lurking” or being a silent observer of what is going on. You can learn bigamount just by watching what others do. If you know someone who efficiently uses social networking, copy what he or she does. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort if someone else is showing you the way
  2. You must share what you know. Share your knowledge, your competence and your time with other people in your network. People will sing your praises, endorse you to their friends, and keep in mind you when they need a lawyer.
  3. You must have a good time. If you are not having fun, you’ll stop networking and you won’t succeed. But if you have fun, your network will expand and you’ll be a social media celebrity!

To all the hopeful attorneys, you have to get started today and strive hard to grow your connections.