Introduction to Facebook Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms

soical media law

Social media marketing has been defined as: “Interaction with external websites or services based on participant contributions to the content. Types of social media include blogs, micro blogs, social and professional networks, video or photo sharing, and social bookmarking. Examples of social media sites are YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, MySpace, RSS, Second Life, LinkedIn, Delicious, etc.”

The Conference of Court Public Information Officers explains social media as: “highly interactive, multimedia, websites and programs that allow individuals to form into communities and share information, knowledge and experiences more quickly and effectively than ever before.”

The following are some of the social media channels lawyers and law firms can use to grow and promote their practice:


Facebook is a social media site that allows users to set up an account by registering an email address and password. Once the account is created, the user can invite “friends” to be a part of their network. Facebook has a “News Feed” which allows user to post information chosen by the user. This information can include anything from what the user is doing at any given moment to posting a photo or beginning a discussion in which other users can read and comment. Facebook also allows private messages to be sent to other users or friends similar to an email message. The appeal of users to Facebook is the ability to communicate in either a public or private forum with other users in written format almost instantly. This can be performedthrough personal computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. Facebooking can be done from anywhere there is a web connection.


Twitter is a website where a user can set up account similar to Facebook and send “tweets” which are restricted to 140 characters of content created by the user. It allows the user to “follow” other persons with Twitter accounts who then receive the tweets immediately. This lets people to have followers and also follow other persons who have Twitter accounts.