Law Firm SEO Marketing

Law Firm SEO Marketing

The internet is the most influential, strongest, most targeted marketingmethod ever created. The purpose is that people are resorting to “inbound marketing” – which means that they dynamically seek out products and services and research them online rather than depend on older “outbound marketing” messages to persuade them. Therefore, “inbound marketing” has great potential and application for law firms and law practices wanting to get the massive attention of prospective clients online.

As more and more attorneys and law firms are turning to this medium, it is time to ask yourself what your law practice is doing to market itself online.The good thing about online marketing is that startup costs are cheap and the learning curve can easily be understood. Keep in mind, using search engine marketing is possible within a very short amount of time to accomplish practically full coverage for your targeted niches.

Like for example, if you are trying to get max visibility for the phrase “Atlanta injury lawyer” on Google and other search engines, you will need to assess how well your current website is optimized for this phrase. Visit Google and Yahoo for the targeted keyword. Is your website visible in the top 100 results for any of these search engines? If this keyword is important to your business and you’re not turning up in the top 100, chances are you have yet to try any on-site optimization of your web assets.

Easy fixes like title tags, meta data, and internal link anchor text can help increase your website   rankings. Are they all optimized for your targeted keywords? If the easy fixes fail to help you may need the help of a search engine optimization professional. They will be able to determine about additional minor changes you can make to your website that will help your website increase its ranking and establish goo name online.

Moreover, you will need to actively start creating links for your website. Links are the “fuel” that helps improvessearch engine rankings – at the most naive level, the more links you have from authoritative websites the higher your site positioned in major search engines especially in Google.

As on-page changes are familiarized and links are created, your website will start rising in the search engine results reaping more and more traffic along the way.

Another main aspect of any law firms SEO marketing technique should be to buy pay per click (PPC) advertising from one of the major providers. Now, these providers are Google and Yahoo. Like for example, Google displays PPC ads under the “Sponsored Links” headline along the right hand margin of the search results for any given search. Using the Google AdWords program, marketers are bale to bid for placement on a keyword by keyword basis amongst these sponsored links. Each time a browser clicks through to one of these links the advertiser pays for the click based mainly upon the amount of their bid. The Google program gives any advertiser absolute control over daily budget and in which geographic region the ad will be showed in. Thus, your law firm will have total control over the cost and scope of the PPC campaign.

Evidently, law firms, solo practice attorneys and other law practices can realize maximum exposure using SEO and PPC. If used correctly, these two techniques will start to drive a solid stream of potential buying client leads to your website.