How Lawyers Can Benefit From Using Facebook

Facebook lawyer Marketing tips

Facebook for lawyers can be an ideal way of boosting business, so every law firm must consider signing up with a social media and market themselves online.

As a law firm Facebook can help get new clients and referrals by connecting your firm with interest groups, colleaguesand even old friends who might find you on the site. It allows you to make dialogue through formal private messages or through the more informal way of posting on your wall.

Facebook pages can be utilizes to market your firm in various ways. You can post blogs or notes, or even upload photos or videos to promote your work. Once you have uploaded content you can promote your web page through Facebook’s social advertisements and target certain niche markets.

Recently, Facebook changed its page layout, so there are now even more ways to make your firm’s Facebook page look attention-grabbing to visitors and possible clients.

The new timeline layout lets you to add a cover photo at the top of your page. Use this for a picture of staff or a visual graphic showing whichservices you offer. Then add your firm’s logo or picture of attorneys for a smaller firm in the profile picture section. You have to keep in mind that Facebook doesn’t allow price information or contact details in the cover photo as this should be placed in the About section.

The About section providesa place for listing all your firm’s contact details and can include your company’s own website address if you own one. You can also list any special offers or services here, but bear in mind to keep it brief as the About section is limited to only around 100 characters. You may it simple to add only brief information here and refer clients to your website or Facebook wall postings for more information.

If you want to include more background about your law firm, Facebook can create a series of highlights on your page. You need to add photos in milestones but can include any other information you wish, such as when your firm started, mostly big cases or any awards or special recognition.

One good way to promote the services of your law firm is to writegeneral content for your Facebook page. The Facebook Apps section lets you to add photos, YouTube videos or links to reports or events your firm is having. You can also pin posts at the top of your law firm Facebook page for seven days. You must use this post to update on how a new law affects them, an even you are hosting or a new service your firm has added.

Facebook also allows your firm to get in touch with potential clients in a more comfortable and non-threatening way. Many people are hesitant to contact a lawyer, but by having private messaging through Facebook, your firm can build and develop relationship.

It is essential to keep a law firm Facebook page professional. Aside from having friendly tone if you post useful content and manage your page well, it can be an important marketing tool.

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms

Facebook Marketing for Lawyers

There are lots of good reasons why lawyers and law firms must employ social media marketing. It is low-priced. It grows your client list. It drives quality traffic to your website and it is a best way to establish your law practice and communicate with possible buying clients. Many law firms are already on social media today. If you are not part of this dynamic marketing tool yet, here is a

If you are not part of this dynamic marketing tool yet, here is a short list that will help you start with your social media strategy:

  1. Create a Facebook account. It is the world’s largest social media site. It claims to have over half billion of active users and 50% of them log onto it everyday. Facebook has become a digital business card for many successfulattorneys today. It allows you to get in touch and interact with old friends old friends and create new ones. All the people that you meet or reconnect with on Facebook are potential clients. Your main purpose on Facebook is to connect with as many people as you can.
  2. LinkedIn is another effective social media marketing tool for law firms. Create a LinkedIn profile. This allows you to list your existing and past affiliations. There are communities and networking groups you can participate. Become a visible part of any niche that you join by sharing information and leaving relevant comments to discussions.
  3. Twitter is a microblogging site law firms can capitalize on. It asks the question, “What are you doing?” You must write a short one-liner announcing new products or services and post links to your website. It is a public forum and it provide helpfuladvertising opportunities for your firm but you don’t want to “tweet” anything that is too personal.Information about family, friends or subjects that are not related to your firm must not be included. Any information about cases you are working must be in private, though you can post the kind of cases you are handling.
  4. Create a blog on your website. Blog gives information cases, rulings, current legal news or news about your law firm. A usual blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs and web pages. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is a crucial part of many blogs. Blogs are also an effective way to generate traffic to your website.

It is very important for one person to be in charge of social networking responsibilities for the law firm. This makes managing the social efforts easier and get rids of any kind of confusion. All associates must be aware of social media rules and responsibilities. If you do not have company rules and procedure when it comes to social media and social media marketing, now is the time to create them.

The verdict is in – social media marketing like Facebook and Twitter is important for a lawyer or law firm to promote their practice and services.

Use Search Engine Optimization Techniques for Your Law Company’s Website

SEO or Search engine optimization for lawyers is an important service to help and promote a legal firm on the web. As a lawyer your target should betting new clients online as nowadays people are very much associated with the internet. The can search exactly what they need, starting from financial services to legal advice. If your website is not optimized properly, your competitor may steal your clients providing the same services.

It has been noticed that instead of typing in a law firm website’s URL, lots of people use Google or other search engines to search for a legitimate and experienced attorney.

Often they set Google as their home page and feel convenient to just search with a keyword or key phrase or the lawyer with practice areas in a particular state. So if you don’t have your legal firms website properly optimized, they may not find or see you on the search engine result pages.

You have to keep in mind that a consumer links thinks 10 times before choosing and hiring an attorney. They use search engine like Google and Yahoo to find the service providers and do investigation before calling for a consultation. Thus, it will be intelligent if you choose for professional lawyer marketing services for increasing your website rank and dominate web presence.

LawFirm Marketing VS Lawyer SEO

It has been distinguished that the maximum number of lawyers pays a lot of money to market their legal firm. Nevertheless if you apply SEO for your website, you don’t need to pay a huge amount for costly Lawyer Marketing

There are lots of ways to go up against effectively to get important clients over the web. Just spend your excess time in improving your products, services and service quotes on your website. You can also create some descriptions about your service and post it on free and most popular networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With just small amount of time, you can also link your own Blog to your own law company’s website. If you don’t want to spend money on blog hosting, you can use free blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Posterous, Livejournal, Webs and etc. that areeasy to use and will allow you to post any news, legal issues or even the services you offer. Such blog will increase in higher search engine ranking because of its unique, fresh and informative content and catch more traffic to your law firm’s website.

Local Search

This is really an increasingly popular vertical of SEO, mainly with the introduction of smart phones (GPRS access on mobile). Today, people always use their mobile and are often looking for region-specific legal services through their gadgets. So you can update your profile and your legal firm details on Google map, so as to, to tell about the geographical presence of your legal firm. Therefore, if you want to employ SEO for your legal firm you can contact a reliable search engine optimization company that offers specialized and effective lawyer SEO services.