SEO Keywords – Everything You Need to Know


Out of all the components that make up SEO and SEM strategies, perhaps the best known is SEO keywords. These are words that potential clients of your firm might use in searches when they’re looking for a lawyer – and if they appear on your site frequently, they could greatly increase the chances that site will appear near the top of Google and other search engine results.

Sounds simple, right? Sadly, it’s not.

The effectiveness of keywords is always changing due to tweaks in search engine algorithms. The search engines are always trying to keep relevant results near the top while cutting out results that just overuse a few keywords and don’t actually have relevant or quality content.

That means that the approach you or your marketing professional takes to promote your firm with keywords has to be nuanced and subtle, with a deep understanding of all the issues at hand. However, it’s always good to understand how the basic process works – here’s a step-by-step:

1. Researching the right keywords for your business.

What types of Google search terms do you want to lead potential clients to your firm? It’s easy to say “as many as possible” and leave it at that, but specificity is highly important when it comes to SEO. You’ll definitely want to include generic search terms such as “lawyer,” “attorney,” and “law firm,” but also more specific ones.

For example, if you’re an injury lawyer, “injury lawyer” is an important keyword phrase. Potential clients often know that there are many types of lawyer specialties out there, and will more often than not include one in their searches.

Keyword research is actually where most of the work SEO professionals do is put in – writing with the keywords is fairly easy once marketers have experience and have developed a good method for working them in naturally (see Step Two), but research must be personalized to each client and optimized for the most return on investment.

2. Working those keywords into your site – directly and indirectly.

Many subpar SEO professionals, especially in the past, would use keywords relentlessly, often making the writing sound a little off at best and totally incomprehensible at worst. A good SEO marketer will always work relevant keywords into an article or homepage naturally and fluidly, giving the site a better chance to rank highly on Google and other search engines without compromising the integrity and quality of the content itself.

Poorly executed SEO keyword usage will annoy or confuse potential clients, whereas the best will attract them not only to click on a site, but to stay there and take further action.

3. Putting keywords into their larger marketing context.

This is actually something that good SEO marketers will keep in mind at all times, but it makes more sense to discuss at the end than anywhere else.

It is important for lawyers, small businesses, and SEO professionals to understand that keywords are only part of the puzzle. There are many other factors to consider, including location, links, Alexa rating, and more.

That’s why SEO professionals are so much more successful at getting a site to the top than most business owners – because a great deal of experience and a nuanced understanding of the spoken and unspoken rules of the trade is necessary to find true success.