Three More Ways a Strong Social Media Presence Boosts Your Bottom Line

3 ways social media helps law firm seo

Yes, yes, we just did a post revealing how a social media presence can help your law firm find success. However, there are so many ways a strong social media presence helps lawyers, we couldn’t fit them all into one article. Here are three more ways a professional array of social media profiles boosts your bottom line.

1. Social media profiles give you a quick and easy way to showcase to potential clients what sets your law firm apart.

Because social networks are so focused on images and bite-sized pieces of information, and because they’re so easy to update and maintain, they can essentially work as a continuous advertising stream for your firm.

Every profile you set up is another opportunity to show the general public what makes your law firm different from (and better than) the competition. Every time you update a profile, you’re getting yet another opportunity.

Because social networks present this type of informational advertising in a way that is entertaining for the public and easy for them to digest, you get essentially automatic free advertising for almost every action on social media.

2. A social media presence is the cheapest form of advertising money can buy.

Social networking profiles are free, and there’s never a need to advertise directly through the social networks’ ad services – your SEO professionals will make sure potential clients can find your business online, wherever it is: on Facebook or on an official website.

Even if you pay a web marketing expert to create and run your profile(s) for you, you’ll save tons of money over conventional advertising – and your return on investment for each dollar will be much, much higher.

3. Your social media presence tells clients everything they need to know about your company.

A social networking profile contains not only the carefully curated, advertising-like information you or your SEO and social network marketing experts choose for your company, but also all of the basic information clients need to know right now.

This includes information like your address, your phone number and email, the types of cases you take, and other basic facts every client will need to know before contacting you with his or her case.

Yes, this information is available in plenty of other places – on your website, in the phone book, and maybe even on Google search results if you’re lucky (or, rather, if you have great SEO professionals working on your behalf). However, the delivery of this information is important.

Because of Facebook’s ubiquity and ease of access, it is one of the single most popular places potential clients for your firm probably go to get their information. The same can be said of other major social media sites.