Three Ways a Social Media Presence Can Help Your Law Firm

Facebook for Law Firm SEO

It’s common knowledge, or at least a common belief, that a social media presence (including profiles on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) can help any business succeed. However, many don’t know exactly how these profiles can help, and don’t know whether the benefit is worth putting the extra work in.

So how does a social media presence help a law firm (or other business venture)? Here are three ways something as simple as a Facebook profile can improve your client relations and even send new clients your way.

1. Facebook and other social networking profiles provide your firm with another opportunity for search engine result listings.

It’s every business’s goal to appear in the top spot on a Google search—but a social media profile or two in addition to your firm’s website can give you the top two or three spots. And if your website doesn’t rank very high right now, getting help with social media is one way to get some immediate results while we here at PromoteLaw work for your long term interests.

Because profiles, including business pages, on Facebook and other social networks are searchable by Google, they often appear in Google result listings—and because of social networks’ high traffic and known legitimacy, they often rank very high in search results.

2. Facebook’s messaging services provides another point of contact between you and your clients.

Yes, we know—there are already plenty of ways for clients and potential clients to contact your company: phone, email, a form on your website, etc. However, because of the unbelievable popularity and ubiquity of Facebook, the social media giant’s instant messaging service is many customers’ preferred point of contact.

Also, receiving high numbers of messages and responding to them quickly will boost your business page’s relevance and legitimacy, often making it appear higher in Facebook (and perhaps Google) search results.

Facebook’s messaging service is as highly functional as email, but in many cases is much faster and more appealing to the average person. It’s an important piece of the success puzzle for your firm, and should be part of any business’s social media kit.

3. Connecting social media profiles to each other and to your website will boost your search rankings and general accessibility.

Having more pages (such as a Facebook or Instagram profile) link to your business’s homepage can boost your official website’s search ranking—and linking works the same in the opposite direction, too.

Also, allowing a customer who is primarily a Facebook smartphone app user as opposed to a web browser to bookmark your website or access it from his mobile device can only bring more clients your way. The more legitimate, fully developed and maintained pages your business has, the more accessible and relevant it is to potential clients.